Oatmeal in white bowl with blueberries and strawberries
Do Your Oatmeal A Favor And Finish It With A Chunk Of Cold Butter
There are a ton of additions you can use to alter the flavor of oatmeal, but to really make your breakfast more special, add cold butter for a creamy texture and richer flavor.
As the butter melts, it will add a creamy lusciousness to the oats and enrich the flavors of any spices, sweeteners, or toppings you also add to your bowl.
Fat carries flavor and helps it linger on the tongue longer, and also slows down the digestive process and helps you feel full, so you won't be peckish soon after breakfast.
You can use salted or unsalted butter, though you'll want to add a little salt if you use the latter. Simply add a pat of butter to your oatmeal while it's still in the pot.
Next, close the lid to the pot and let the steam melt the butter. Give the oats a quick stir, add any other toppings or flavorings, and enjoy an incredible bowl of oatmeal.