Do You Really Need To Marinate Meat For 24 Hours?
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When it comes to marinating meat, you might assume that the longer it sits in the liquid, the better. However, According to Bon Appétit, there really is such a thing as over-marinating, not to mention that a marinade only needs 15 to 20 minutes to do its job properly.
If you leave your meat to marinate in the refrigerator all week, you may feel like you'll end up with a five-star quality dish. However, not only will over-marinating potentially turn your meat into a mushy mess, but the process could turn it into a rotten one too, as bacteria begins to multiply after one to two days.
This means that a marinade left for 24 hours is a breeding ground for bacterial growth. To prevent this from happening, The Kitchn suggests either cooking the meat as soon as you realize the 24-hour window is up or transferring it to the freezer.