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Do You Need To Wash The Wax Off Apples?
People love apples, and the great thing about apples is that there are plenty of different types to choose from; there are over 2500 varieties in the U.S. alone. However, when you go shopping, you may have noticed some of your favorite apples are covered in wax and wondered if that should be included in your diet as well.
Apples have a natural wax that gets washed away when the fruits are picked and cleaned. However, apples begin to lose their moisture and crispiness once they’re cleaned — so, to extend shelf life, apples are sprayed with wax before they go to the market. The good news is that these waxes are edible and made with "food-grade ingredients" approved by the FDA.
Among the possible sources of these waxes are Brazilian palm leaves, which are used to make carnauba wax; these same waxy ingredients can also be found in some candies and pastries. Although eating an apple with wax on it isn’t harmful, it’s still important to wash your apples before eating them, as they may have been exposed to bacteria.