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Do You Need To Preheat Your Cast Iron Skillet?
Cast iron skillets are virtually indestructible, maintain heat well, and develop a natural nonstick coating over time, making them an incredible asset to your kitchen. However, there’s one mistake you should avoid when cooking with cast iron: forgetting to preheat properly.
Just like any other pan, preheating your cast iron skillet will ensure your food turns out as well and help your equipment hold up over time. However, you should preheat your cast iron to no temperature higher than medium-high, as anything too hot will shock the metal and result in burnt food.
Preheating your skillet is especially important when pan-frying, sautéing and searing. Remember that slower heating allows cast iron to warm at a more even pace, and the skillet retains its temperature extremely well once heated, so there's no reason to keep it over constant high heat.