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Do You Need To Cook Canned Potatoes?
For at-home chefs short on time, canned vegetables offer ready-to-go ingredients that last for months and can be easily incorporated into soups, pasta, chili, and stir-fries. While less widely-used than canned tomatoes or beans, canned potatoes can help reduce the time you spend cooking dinner, but they need special treatment.
While you can eat potatoes straight out of the can, they most likely won't taste great, and since they're only partially cooked, doing minimal prep isn't recommended. Instead, rinse the potatoes to get rid of any excess salt, drain, then use the potatoes as you would any other spud by baking it in the oven, cooking it on the stovetop, or frying.
While you won't need to cook them as long as raw potatoes, since canned potatoes are partially cooked, they are best when heated up thoroughly before consumption. Canned potatoes are also pretty bland, even more so than fresh potatoes, and need to be heavily seasoned with the herbs and spices of your choice for a great meal.