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Do You Have
To Peel Fresh Rhubarb?
Rhubarb, the celery-like vegetable best known for its pairing with strawberries in baked goods, can be intimidating to home cooks, due to the poisonous leaves and confusion about how to prepare it. One question that arises when preparing the “pie plant” is whether or not you have to peel it.
Whether you should peel rhubarb or not depends on when you buy the vegetable; those purchased during the peak season (April to June) don’t require peeling. If you buy rhubarb after peak season, however, the plant can be hardier and a small, sharp knife may be necessary to remove the tough outer layer.
When preparing rhubarb, cut off the top and bottom of the stalk, throw away any bruised parts, and absolutely dispose of the toxic leaves. It would take a large quantity of the poison in the leaves to be lethal, but even a small amount can induce vomiting; however, if you prepare your rhubarb correctly, you needn't be worried.