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Do Starbucks Cafes In Target Actually Offer Free Refills?
Target houses over 1,300 Starbucks cafes in store locations across the U.S., so for many shoppers, running to Target and grabbing a Starbucks drink go hand-in-hand. Target has embraced customers' Starbucks obsession by offering a few exclusive perks, but one of these rumored perks sounds too good to be true.
Many Targets have installed cup holders on shopping carts for Starbucks drinks, and some stores offer curbside pickup. However, one viral TikTok video claims that Target's Starbucks cafes offer customers a free refill of their go-to order — so can you actually refill your Pink Drink free of charge once you finish grocery shopping?
TikToker bestoftarget once asked a Target Starbucks barista if free refills are available, and the bariest confirmed that the rumors are true. However, In The Know reports that all Starbucks locations offer this perk; to get a free refill, you must be a Starbucks rewards member, and you can only ask for refills of basic drinks like unflavored coffee or tea.