Pile of Smarties candies in wrappers
Do American Smarties Really Come In Different Flavors?
Smarties are small, chalky candies with a tangy yet remarkably mild taste. You may wonder if these tablets have their own unique flavors, or if they're just colored differently.
Smarties actually do have flavors to go with their colors. White is orange cream, yellow is pineapple, pink is cherry, green is strawberry, purple is grape, and orange is orange.
American Smarties are made of ingredients like dextrose, citric acid, and calcium stearate. Outside of the U.S., the Smarties name has a different meaning.
If you were to go to Canada or the UK and ask for Smarties at the store, they’d give you a chocolate candy resembling an M&M, rather than pastel, chalky dextrose tablets.
In Canada and the UK, what Americans call Smarties are sold under the name Rockets. The U.S. is the only place where you can find these powdery candies sold as Smarties.