Sliced meatloaf with gravy
Ditch Your Meatloaf's Breadcrumbs For These Salty Snacks
Breadcrumbs are a common binder in meatloaf, helping to retain moisture and keep the loaf tender and succulent, but you can also use salty snacks like crackers or chips.
Whichever salty snack you choose, it will accomplish what breadcrumbs do while adding a depth of texture and infusing the meat with salty, savory flavors.
Crumble your chips or crackers and soak them in milk for extra moisture. Since these snacks are saltier than regular breadcrumbs, hold off on any additional salt.
Chips add a salty crunch while crackers give it a crumbly, creamy texture. Feel free to experiment with spicy, tangy, herby, smokey, and sweet flavor options.