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Did Queen Elizabeth Actually Have A Martini Tunnel?
Living life as part of the British royal family means constantly being in the public eye. At the end of a long day, having a drink at home inside a palace must be a pleasant experience, but what if they wanted to feel like a regular Joe by having a drink in a bar? Jack Brooksbank, husband to Princess Eugenie, recently let it slip that the royals may have a clandestine way to make that happen.
In a recent interview, Brooksbank intimated that a secret passage leads from St. James Palace to Dukes Bar, a historic haunt often frequented by James Bond author Ian Fleming and rumored to have been beloved by both the late Queen Elizabeth and the late Princess Diana. Brooksbank said he'd never used it but was eager to check it out. So is this secret martini tunnel fact or folklore?
Neither Dukes nor the royal family has ever confirmed (or denied) the existence of this tunnel, but the bar is only .2 miles from St. James Palace, which means an easy walk underground if you're not claustrophobic. That said, no members of the royal family, including the late Queen Elizabeth, have lived at St. James Palace since the 19th century.