a glass jar of ghee
Did Costco Ditch A Popular Ghee Brand For Its Kirkland Version?
Costco has historically carried grass-fed ghee, a clarified butter used in Indian cooking, from several brands, including Tin Star Foods and Ancient Origins.
However, a Redditor posted a picture of a 27-ounce jar of organic ghee emblazoned with the Kirkland logo and expressed their disappointment with the brand change.
Tin Star Foods ghee is still on Costco's website, but they've disappeared from store shelves; it's unclear why, but fans seem to miss the clarified butter.
Some of the Reddit comments on the original post claim that the Kirkland brand ghee might contain a high percentage of grass-fed butter, too.
The product in the image is USDA-certified, and any USDA-certified "organic" dairy products come from cows provided with at least 120 days of pasture grazing per year.