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Detergent Is The Unanticipated Solution To Clean Stained Oven Racks
You might give little thought to the residue that accumulates on oven racks over time. It's easy to remove even super stuck-on gunk with powdered or liquid laundry detergent.
Before cleaning, ensure the oven racks have cooled if you've recently used the oven. Remove the racks from the oven while you fill your bathtub or a large basin with hot water.
Pour a generous amount of the laundry detergent into the tub and mix well, then submerge the oven racks in the water. You can weigh them down to make sure they're totally immersed.
Allow the racks to soak for at least six hours to overnight. This will allow the detergent to penetrate and soften the stubborn, baked-on grime.
After soaking, use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or brush to gently scrub away the stains, and rinse the rack thoroughly. You'll find that most or all of the grime comes off easily.