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Despite The Rumors, Julia Child Had Nothing Against Julie Powell
It's safe to say a generational gap exists between the pioneers of food fame and internet-fueled food bloggers. The reported clash between Julia Child and Julie Powell was debated long ago and put to rest; however, the story of the clash resurfaced when the world received news of Powell's death on October 26, 2022.
In “Julie & Julia,” the film adaptation of Powell’s “Julie/Julia Project,” the character of Powell was depicted in tears after learning from a journalist that Child didn't like the blog. In reality, Child only expressed a lack of understanding about the phenomenon of blogging, per Eric Spivey, chairman of the Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.
Child showed no animosity or disrespect for Powell, rather, she was dismayed that anyone would want to cook her recipes everyday. Additionally, Child didn’t find the blog "very serious," which journalist Russ Parsons, a close friend of Child’s, puts down to personality differences and generational concepts such as "professional pride."