Slices of steak on a fork with herbs and salt
Delmonico Steak Vs Cowboy Cut: Is There A Difference?
A cowboy cut of steak comes specifically from the ribs and includes a bone, while a Delmonico refers to a broad array of steaks. This discrepancy creates confusion between the two.
Delmonico steaks can come from the rib, short loin, or chuck, and can be either bone-in or boneless. This cut is defined by its thickness — two inches or more — and fat marbling.
Named after Delmonico’s steakhouse in New York City, the steak has a thick cut, is best prepared quickly over high heat, and is simply seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter.
Similarly, a cowboy cut is a thick, fatty steak that does well with fire-based cooking and offers a rich, beefy flavor that’s best prepared with a simple salt and pepper garnish.
Delmonico steaks can come from nine different cuts, while the cowboy is always a bone-in steak that comes from the rib primal, giving it a consistent composition.