Scrambled Eggs in a wooden spoon
Deep-Fried Scrambled Eggs Are The Unique Take On Breakfast You Need To Try
No food is off limits when it comes to deep frying, even eggs, which can be deep fried to achieve crispy, crunchy edges and a tender, moist interior.
Deep frying eggs also enhances the fluffiness that's characteristic of scrambled eggs. Plus, both the eggs and the oil make for a double dose of savory richness.
Deep-fried omelets are common menu items in Chinese American restaurants. Deep-fried scrambled eggs are quicker and simpler to make, with the same impressive results.
One method of making deep-fried scrambled eggs involves pouring scrambled eggs through a slotted spoon or frying skimmer to create a sort of funnel-cake network.
You can also use a simple measuring cup or ladle to pour scrambled eggs over the oil, or you can scramble the eggs in a plastic squirt bottle and squeeze them into the hot oil.
However you add them to the oil, the eggs will bubble and puff up in a minute or two and the bottom will become a deep golden hue, which means they are ready to eat.