A bowl of marshmallows
Decorate Your Cakes The Adorable Way With Marshmallow Flowers
Though making flower shapes with cut-up marshmallows sounds like something out of an arts and crafts magazine, it's a one-way ticket to elevate boring-looking baked goods.
Depending on size, you'll need to carefully make several partial cuts into each marshmallow. Once cut, fan out the pieces and form the marshmallow into a flower-like shape.
Place hazelnuts in the middle of the design to resemble the center of a flower. Place the flowers onto a baking pan in an oven for at least 40 minutes at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
When you are pleased with the final design, hardened marshmallow flowers can be pressed into the surface of a frosted cupcake or set neatly on top of a plated brownie.