A slice of cake with white icing
Decorate A Cake With Ease Using The Scallop Technique
To make a cake that looks just as great as it tastes, all you need is a piping bag (or regular plastic bag) and a dinner spoon, which you can use to make scalloped designs.
To make cute crescent shapes with your icing, pipe an even, round blob and press the center of this small dollop down to flatten half of it into a moon-like indentation.
Create coherency in your design by placing these shapes next to each other in a row along the edge of your cake, or sprinkle the scalloped designs across and around your cake.
If you cover an entire cake with rows and columns of scalloped shapes, it can be helpful to have a wet cloth on hand to wipe the spoon clean should icing stick to the utensil.
Experiment by making varying sizes of icing blobs and use different sizes of spoons for unique visual effects, or tap decorative sugar pieces into or around the scalloped shapes.