David Chang posing at a public event.
David Chang's Favorite Fish Dish Is Made In Spain
An odd-looking dish will not deter Chef David Chang’s curiosity to eat it, and in a TikTok video, he raved about a funny-looking flat fish called turbot, served grilled.
Chang posted his TikTok from a Spanish restaurant called Elkano, which is well-known for grilling whole turbot and serving the deboned flesh to diners.
The fish is also flavored with sherry vinegar and olive oil. “It's the food I think about the most,” Chang stated while watching a fish filet roast over a grill and burning coals.
Turbot can grow to over three feet in diameter and weigh in at over 30 pounds. They may look weird, but their filets are thick and meaty, making them quite desirable for chefs.
At Elkano, the fish is generously salted on both sides and drizzled with a mixture of vinegar, oil, and salt while cooking, for skin that's golden, crispy, and bubbly.