Three wooden bowls filled with dates
Date Candy Is The 3-Ingredient Treat That Tastes Like Snickers
For "party-sized" candies that taste like Snickers, all you need is three ingredients: dates, almond butter, and melted dark chocolate.
The ingredients of savory almond butter, ultra-sweet dates, and bittersweet dark chocolate in this well-balanced dessert complement each other perfectly.
Start by pitting the dates, splitting them open, and removing the seed. This creates the perfect opening for you to place a dollop of almond butter.
Squeeze the opening back together and insert a toothpick horizontally through the middle of the date. The toothpick will serve as a handle for dipping
into melted chocolate.
Once you've coated the dates with chocolate, place them on
a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and into the freezer. They'll firm up in a few hours and last for months.