Creme de cacao cocktail in a martini glass
Dark Creme De Cacao Vs White: What's The Difference?
Despite the name, creme de cacao doesn't contain any dairy but rather is a chocolate-flavored liqueur that comes in both dark and white versions, which differ by more than color.
Dark creme de cacao is made with a neutral liqueur that is either percolated through cacao beans or flavored with cacao distillate and colored with caramel and food dye.
It has a bolder, dark chocolate flavor compared to lighter white creme de cacao, so it's often paired with stronger spirits and creamy ingredients to make decadent cocktails.
Although named white creme de cacao, this liqueur is typically clear and can be made with a neutral liquor or a complex spirit-like brandy that is then infused with cacao flavor.
White creme de cacao tends to have a milder chocolate taste and notes of vanilla. Plus, due to added sugar, it has a thicker texture than the dark version.
Its milder taste makes white creme de cacao excellent for mixing, and its delicate chocolate flavor pairs well with anything from pisco and sherry to Lilet blanc or cognac.
That said, both versions vary extensively based on manufacturer, becoming more and less similar based on production methods, so tailor your cocktail to what you have on hand.