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Danish Duo Wants To Make Year-Round Morels An Affordable Reality
In the culinary world, morels are one of the most coveted species of mushrooms, bringing their earthy, woodsy flavor to a variety of dishes, and one of the most expensive, costing up to $200 per pound dried. But that might soon change, thanks to a pair of Danish twin brothers.
The hefty price of morels is mostly due to the fact that they are typically foraged in the wild, which is a labor-intensive practice. But Jacob and Kartsen Kirk have been working on a "controlled indoor cultivation of black morel mushrooms all-year-round under well defined conditions in climate chambers."
Morels cultivated indoors could be significantly cheaper, and the Kirks claim that after many years of research, they have hit upon a method that produces large and predictable morel harvests, something Danish chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen claims, "will be a game changer for the food industry."