Ice cream inside a container
Cut Your Ice Cream Container Down As You Eat It To Avoid Freezer Burn
Freezer burn can ruin a perfectly good carton of ice cream before you even get halfway through. You can keep your ice cream fresh by cutting the carton with scissors.
Cutting the cardboard container as you eat, so the top of the container is level with the top of the ice cream, prevents ice crystals from forming when you freeze it.
Freezer burn occurs when ice cream loses moisture, combines with air, and forms tiny ice crystals. You can prevent this by minimizing air exposure.
Trimming down your container and pressing the lid right onto the top of the ice cream reduces empty space in the carton, and thus reduces airflow and freezer burn.
As a bonus, a smaller container is easier to store. For more protection, cover the surface of the ice cream with wax paper or plastic wrap before putting the lid on and storing it.