Two brownies topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
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Customize Your Starbucks Brownie Order With A Couple Sweet Additions
For a more delicious brownie from Starbucks, try this method recommended by Insider: Order a double chocolate brownie, toasted, with whipped cream and a mocha drizzle.
The brownie's chunks of semisweet chocolate will get gooey in the oven, and the fluffy whipped cream and rich mocha drizzle transform the treat into a drool-worthy dessert.
You'll have to order this in-store, since the Starbucks app doesn't allow these extra customizations for brownies. You'll want a plate and fork, too, since it can be a bit messy.
You can actually request any of the stores' sauces for drizzling on the brownie. Ordering it with caramel crunch, cookie crumble, or cinnamon dolce sprinkles is delicious, too.
For a portable version of this treat, ask for it to be put in a Venti cup. If you prefer a crispier brownie, order near closing time, since it will be firmer after sitting out.