Barbecue chicken legs on a white tray with sauce in a white bowl
Customize Simple, Oven-Baked Barbecue Chicken With Infinite Spice Options
You can make tasty barbecued chicken in the oven with the help of spice blends. They don't need to be complicated to add flavor; you just need to know what you want.
Store-bought barbecue sauce can be relatively one-note. Since it won't be hitting the grill, you'll need a spice blend to help provide depth to your chicken.
Additionally, spice mixes bring an undertone of other notes like spice, pepper, earthiness, or whatever else you like to add balance and complexity.
Even out sugary barbecue sauces with savory flavors from spices like garlic powder, mustard, cumin, or turmeric. For heat, use cayenne, chili or chipotle powder, or even ginger.
Spices like paprika can help add more smoky flavors to your oven barbecue. Aleppo peppers will add a mild heat and smoked flavor, as will some chile powders like ancho.
Don't be afraid to use premade spice mixes, like taco seasoning. Graham masala, which is packed with warm spices, will complement molasses-based barbecue sauce.