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Customers Are Willing To Wait 30 Years For These Frozen Japanese Croquettes
Asahiya, a family-run butcher shop in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, hit the jackpot when it began selling deep-fried Kobe beef and potato croquettes in the early 2000s. If you think croquettes don't sound as enticing as a Kobe steak, know that customers are willing to wait around 30 years to receive their orders of this famous treat.
Kobe is an incredibly expensive type of beef that can only be made in Japan, and Asahiya sold Kobe for decades before debuting their “Extreme Croquettes” for only $1.80 a piece. Online shoppers seized the opportunity to taste some of the best beef in the world for such a cheap price, and internet hype propelled the croquettes to stardom.
While the wait time for these croquettes is around 30 years, some customers receive their orders earlier; one Twitter user claims that they placed an order in 2013 and received it in 2021. The Kobe croquettes have glowing reviews, and while orders are limited to Japan, you can skip the wait by taking a trip to Asahiya in person.