A plate of fried chicken
Crushed Ramen Noodles Make For Next-Level Crispy Fried Chicken
When crushed, ramen noodles give a dish the ultimate crunchy topping. For a unique way to upgrade fried chicken, coat it with this affordable ingredient for maximum crispness.
For this dish, you crush the ramen, but not into a powder, which means it'll provide plenty of crunch. Unlike other pasta, these noodles are deep-fried before being packaged.
They're also dehydrated ahead of time, which is ideal in this case since moisture is the enemy of crispiness. The ramen's seasoning packet makes a great way to add flavor.
Start by breaking ramen noodles so they're small enough to coat the chicken. Then, dip the chicken in a base layer of flour or cornstarch, followed by a binder like an egg.
Finally, roll the chicken around in the crushed ramen noodles until every inch is covered. Fry it with your preferred method until everything is cooked and crispy.