Winneconne, WI, USA- 15 March 2016:  A bottle of Crown Royal black with a glass of ice.
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Crown Royal Isn't Technically Bourbon.
Here's Why
Crown Royal is one of the most popular commercially available whiskeys, and the company typically earns over $460,171,371 in sales in just one year. This whiskey is often lumped in with bourbons, especially with the launch of Crown Royal Bourbon Mash — but going by official standards, Crown Royal is not bourbon.
Though bourbon is a type of whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon has to contain at least 51% corn, have no additives for enhanced color or flavor, and most importantly, it has to be produced in the United States; meanwhile, Crown Royal is a Canadian brand of liquor, which disqualifies its whiskey as "bourbon."
Additionally, Crown Royal distills its Crown Royal Bourbon Mash in "ex-bourbon" barrels, and true bourbon must be distilled in new barrels, which also disqualifies the liquor. The product is called Bourbon Mash because it uses 64% corn, the right amount to be considered bourbon if it were made in the United States.