Frozen lemonade cans with apple slices
Creative Uses For Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
Pie Filling
Combine canned sweetened condensed milk and some whipping cream in a bowl before stirring in your lemonade concentrate to make a lemon pie.
Boxed Cake
By mixing thawed lemonade concentrate into boxed cake mix, you can make a lemon cake with extra lemon flavor or a white or yellow cake with a subtle lemon undertone.
Prevent Browning
You can spray or brush apples with lemonade to prevent browning. Lemon juice contains ascorbic acid, which stops apples' browning enzyme from reacting with air.
Frozen lemonade concentrate can be an excellent addition in cocktails. Just add the frozen lemonade to a blender with your choice of alcohol.
Lemonade is a great choice for making a zesty chicken brine. The acidity helps tenderize the protein, while the sugar imparts a subtle sweetness that cuts the tartness.