Instant coffee in a spoon
Create A Simplified Shaken Espresso Drink Using Instant Coffee
The key to fuss-free shaken espresso drinks is instant coffee. Using instant coffee follows a similar path as true espresso-based ones, with a major exception for time and effort.
Instead of grinding whole beans and using an espresso machine, you only need a stainless steel cocktail shaker, about a teaspoon of instant coffee, hot water, and a bit of shaking.
First, choose a full-bodied instant coffee blend, preferably a dark roast, and place at least a teaspoon of it into a cocktail shaker. Add two spoonfuls for a stronger flavor.
Next, add sweetener and about two teaspoons of hot water and stir. Finally, add ice and flavorings, secure the lid, and shake to froth it up a bit before topping it off with milk.