Pot of creamed spinach with spoon
Cream Cheese Is The Key To Richer, Silkier Creamed Spinach
Classic creamed spinach uses heavy cream, or milk or half-and-half for a lighter option. If you prefer to make this dish as rich as possible, you can use cream cheese.
Adding cream cheese makes for a silkier, thicker spinach dish. You'll get a heartier consistency that's almost like a dip, and the cheese also adds a complex, tangy flavor.
You can even use a flavored cream cheese like garlic and herb or chive and onion. Plant-based cream cheese also works well if you want to make the creamed spinach vegan.
Bring the cream cheese to room temperature and add it to your other sauce ingredients and spinach. Let the dish cook and meld together, stirring frequently to prevent burning.
If you want creamed spinach that's less thick, but still rich and tangy, dilute the cream cheese with some heavy cream, or use a quarter cup of cream cheese for each cup of cream.