Cupcake with swirled rainbow icing
Craft Fancy 2-Tone Cake Icing By Using A Simple Plastic Wrap Hack
Making gorgeous two-toned icing is easier than it looks. A humble roll of plastic wrap can help you keep the icing colors distinct, without too much blending.
Plastic wrap can create a barrier between the icings so that they form a beautiful gradient effect when you pipe them, but don't bleed together as you squeeze the piping bag.
Start by preparing your two icings, then lay a long piece of plastic wrap on a table. Spread out a long strip of one of your icings down the middle of the wrap lengthwise.
Ensure that this frosting stripe has an even thickness from end to end. Next, add a strip of your second icing next to the first one, close enough for the strips to touch.
Carefully roll the plastic wrap to create a cylindrical roll with the icing inside, then twist the ends to secure. Trim off any excess plastic, leaving just enough to fit inside your piping bag.
Insert the plastic roll into your piping bag, then start piping your frosting. The icing colors will emerge perfectly separated, yet swirled together, creating a stunning effect.