Cut avocado on a wood surface
Crack An Avocado Like An Egg For Easy Guacamole
Opening an avocado without a knife sounds impossible, but you can actually crack one open just like an egg the next time you want to make guacamole.
Simply apply pressure to the outside skin, twist the two sides apart, and then squeeze out the flesh. The fruit and pit inside free themselves from the peel and plop right out.
It's important to keep in mind that this will only work with ripe and soft avocados. You can figure out if an avocado is ready by gently pressing on the bulbous segment of it.
It should be soft with little resistance. If you have a soft avocado but are still having trouble, you can stretch and pinch the outer skin to create a crack and then squeeze.
It should open like an egg does when you gently tap it against a bowl to crack it. If all of the avocado flesh doesn't come out immediately, you can use a utensil to get the rest.
Once your avocado is mashed up, add your chopped onions, salt, tomatoes, garlic, lime, cilantro, or whatever ingredients you love, and enjoy some incredible-tasting guacamole.