A spoonful cottage cheese
Cottage Cheese Is The Key To Stretching Meatball Recipes And Maintaining Moisture
Next time you make meatballs, add cottage cheese, whose liquid provides plenty of extra moisture. Its fat keeps the bulk of the added moisture from evaporating during cooking.
For every pound of ground meat that a recipe calls for, spoon in ½ cup of cottage cheese. This not only adds moisture but also considerably stretches your meatball recipe out.
This trick is particularly useful when selecting lean mince, which can dry out when cooked. The cottage cheese maintains the juicy consistency of those lean ground cuts.
With cottage cheese meatballs, it doesn't have to be a ground beef recipe. If you like to add veal or pork to the mix, the cottage cheese ratio won't change.
You can opt for low-fat cottage cheese, but since cottage cheese is already fairly low in fat, you won't be getting as full-bodied of a taste as you would with full-fat.