Scrambled eggs on a skillet
Cottage Cheese Creates The Creamiest Scrambled Eggs To Ever Exist
While milk or cream are common additions to egg dishes, cottage cheese gives even more lightness, fluffiness, and richness to scrambled eggs, resulting in an extra-creamy dish.
Cottage cheese's slight acidity also enlivens the rich eggs. However, if you don't like an overwhelming tang, most of the taste will still be masked by the eggs and seasonings.
For the creamiest scrambled eggs possible, opt for a full-fat version of cottage cheese. Stir it directly into your eggs before cooking them in a pan with butter.
Try adding seasonings, such as salt, pepper, chives, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder. The only tricky part is that cottage cheese releases water as it's heated.
You may end up with extra liquid in the skillet. If this happens, keep cooking until the water evaporates, and omit other liquids like milk to keep the moisture content lower.
If your cottage cheese is quite liquidy, stir it in as soon as you take the eggs off the stove. You can also blend the cheese to get rid of any lumps before using it.