Air fried chicken nuggets on a dish
Costco's Frozen Food Aisle Now Has Dark Meat Chicken Nuggets
If you're a fan of the dark meat chicken, there's a new item in stock at Costco that may be of your interest. It's a Japanese inspired dark meat chicken: tatsuta-age.
In a Reddit post on the Costco subreddit, a user posted a photo of the 3-lb package of the product, which is a lightly breaded dark meat chicken from CP Authentic Asia.
The user called it "Japanese fried chicken nuggets" and implored others to buy the product so Costco continues to stock it. Other commenters also reacted positively to the post.
The original poster on Reddit made the purchase at the Rochester, New York Costco, but the dark meat variety has also been spotted in Charlottesville, Virginia, and New Jersey.