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Costco’s Fancy Covap Jamon Iberico Leg Comes With A Knife And Stand
If you spend enough time wandering the aisles of Costco, you may find a few luxury splurge items next to the familiar Kirkland products. One such item will make you the envy of foodies around the world: an entire Iberico ham leg, complete with a stand an carving knife to impress everyone at your next dinner party.
Iberico ham is an expensive, luxurious meat that comes from Spanish Iberian pigs. These pigs feed primarily on acorns, and can weigh around 200 pounds before they’re a year old; they are notable for having a lot of fat in their muscles, which gives the ham its distinctive rich, nutty, and meaty flavor best savored in thin slices.
According to the Kitchn, Costco's Covap Jamon Iberico Bellota Ham Leg has been aged for three years, and arrives complete with a stand to present it and a knife to cut and serve the delectable meat for the best charcuterie ever. The Iberico leg kit costs around $550, shipping and handling included if you order online.