Various cuts of meats on a dark surface with herbs and seasonings
Costco Meats You Should Buy And Some To Avoid
Buy: USDA Prime
USDA Prime steak is perfect for anyone looking for a great-tasting, juicy cut of steak. Since it can be harder to find, Costco is a great place to grab it.
Avoid: Pork Shoulder
Costco’s pork shoulder tends to be boneless, so it’s not a good option for those who prefer bone-in. Even if it’s not boneless, Costco’s can be pretty pricey.
Buy: Wagyu
Relatively hard to come by in the U.S., Japanese wagyu can be found at Costco. It is often considered the best steak that money can buy.
Avoid: Stew Meat
Costco doesn’t have many pre-cut beef stew meat options, but even if you do find some, the price doesn't tend to match the bargain prices of other grocers.
Buy: Sea Bass
Kirkland Signature wild Chilean sea bass is known for having a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture with a beautiful buttery flavor. It’s also very well priced.