Crepe lasagna with mushrooms and spinach in green pan on red background
Cornstarch Is The Vital Thickening Ingredient To Prevent Soupy Lasagna
A soupy consistency in your lasagna can make it bland and impossible to slice and serve. If your recipe keeps turning out watery, try thickening your sauce with cornstarch.
Cornstarch won't affect the sauce's flavor, and is a much more effective thickener than flour. It thickens the sauce by expanding in the liquid, then absorbing it.
Make a slurry by mixing equal parts cornstarch and a cold liquid such as water or stock. Once the cornstarch has dissolved, add the slurry to your tomato sauce as it simmers.
Stir the sauce to blend in the cornstarch. The standard ratio is a tablespoon of cornstarch per one cup of sauce, but you can add a bit more slurry if the sauce is still thin.
Even if your sauce is nice and thick, it's still very important to drain your cooked ground meat, pasta, and vegetables thoroughly to avoid adding excess liquid to the lasagna.