Fried rice on wooden table surrounded by other food
Cooking Fried Rice Is A Breeze With This Simple Technique
Interestingly, you can cook fried rice and eggs in your wok simultaneously. Just push your hot fried rice to one side and scramble your eggs on the vacant half before combining.
This saves you from having to cook the eggs first, which can result in a rubbery texture, and the mess that comes with cooking the eggs in a separate pan.
Sauté your vegetables in a hot wok, add cold, cooked rice, and stir fry well before drizzling soy sauce on top. Once the rice is warm, push it to one side of the wok.
Add more oil into the vacant portion of the pan and crack your eggs, giving a quick stir. Alternatively, you can crack them in a separate bowl first and beat them together.
When the eggs are almost set, use a utensil to break them up into fluffy little nuggets or small flecks, depending on your preference. Finally, toss everything together.