Bowl of mashed potatoes with butter on white wooden table, selective focus.
Cook Your Mashed Potatoes In Milk For The Creamiest Texture
For the creamiest mashed potatoes, boil your potatoes in milk instead of water. They will absorb the creaminess of the milk to achieve a softer, pillowy texture.
Potatoes are also full of starch, which usually gets wasted when they're cooked in water. With milk, the fats will absorb the starch, which will further improve the texture.
For this method, you can use just milk or a milk-and-water mixture. If you're just using milk, you'll need about 3 cups of whole milk or heavy cream for every 2 pounds of potatoes.
For a milk-and-water mixture, you'll use about 2 cups of milk or heavy cream with 3 cups of water for every 3 pounds of potatoes. The trick is to simmer the milk, not boil it.
Additionally, be sure to use whole milk or heavy cream because you want as much fat as possible for this technique to really work.