Cookies cooling on a rack
Conventional Oven Vs Convection: Is One Better For Baking Cookies?
Convection ovens have a fan that circulates air inside, while conventional ovens do not. The one that's best for baking cookies depends on your baking style.
A convection oven's fan creates a drier environment and ensures the cookies bake evenly, reducing or even eliminating the need to rotate them.
However, since most cookie recipe directions are written with conventional ovens in mind, you'll need to remember to adjust your convection oven's temperature.
To translate the baking instructions, drop the conventional oven temperature by 25 degrees and keep an eye on the cookies as they finish baking to ensure they don’t overbake.
That said, convection baking can take some trial and error to learn what temperature and times are best, so if that sounds like a hassle, stick to conventional baking.