Birthday cake and Trader Joe's exterior
Consider These Chain Grocery Stores When Buying A Birthday Cake
Publix has a wide variety of cakes and frostings and even allows you to turn regular cake into ice cream cake. The main downside is its lack of gluten-free and vegan options.
Whole Foods
Whole Foods Market offers a wide variety of cakes made with organic ingredients. They stock plenty of grab-and-go cakes but also offer easy custom ordering.
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Party Cake isn’t customizable, but it is delicious and affordable. Unfortunately, it's not gluten-free or suitable for those with a vegan diet.
Safeway is a great option for tasty budget cakes. It has a broad selection of light and fluffy cake designs and flavors, including options for dietary restrictions.
Costco is one of the original sheet cake bakers, with affordable and delicious offerings in various flavors. However, there are very few gluten-free and vegan options.