The classic Maine lobster roll sandwich, made with fresh-picked lobster and mayonnaise on a split-top bun, served in a red plastic takeout basket.
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Connecticut Vs Maine Lobster Rolls: What’s The Difference?
It’s common to see New England lobster rolls on menus all over the country, but it turns out there are two distinct styles of lobster rolls: Connecticut-style and Maine-style. Non-New Englanders may not realize or understand the differences, so we're breaking down the details of this American classic.
Lobster rolls date back to the 1920s in a little restaurant called Perry’s in Milford, Connecticut; legend has it that a customer in a hurry asked the owner, Harry Perry, for a quick lobster sandwich. Perry refined his original sandwich over time, and eventually, the dish diverged into two distinct styles.
While Maine-style rolls are made with chilled lobster salad, typically dressed with mayo, Connecticut lobster rolls are served warm with plenty of melted butter. Regardless of the style, there’s only one type of lobster for a lobster roll: Maine lobster, which has a milder, sweeter flavor, and large claws containing lots of delicious meat.