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Cold Cheese Pizza: The Lesser-Known New York Slice You Should Try
New York pizza is an institution unto itself, and while the thin and foldable NYC slice is the most famous, the small college town of Oneonta, NY — several miles northwest of Manhattan — is home to a unique invention: Cold cheese pizza. It turns out that college kids themselves are mostly responsible for this unusual pizza.
Cold cheese pizza, a slice of hot pizza topped with cold shredded cheese, was popularized in the 1980s at Tino's Pizza, which was often flooded with bar-hopping students from SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College. The protective layer of cold cheese prevented drunk and overeager kids from burning their mouths on piping-hot pies.
A Tino's-style cold cheese pizza is simple: Take a slice of standard pizza (thick crust, red sauce, and gooey melted cheese), and top it with a layer of cold, shredded mozzarella. At other places like Beto’s in Pittsburgh — which claims to be the real inventor of cold cheese pizza — they bake their pies naked and add only cold cheese on top.