A glass of iced coffee with a green straw
Cold Brew Pods Are An Simple Solution For Quick Coffee Without A Machine
There’s a new hassle-free way to make coffee without investing in a machine or other equipment. Cold brew pods are as easy to use as instant coffee, but have a better flavor.
To use these pods, add one pod per cup of room-temperature water, then leave the mixture in the fridge overnight. The coffee will be ready for you when you wake up.
Cold brew pods replicate the process of making a cold brew from scratch, but in less time, and the grind size, ratios, and flavors are precisely tested by manufacturers.
Unlike a cold brew machine that takes up to 12 or 24 hours of steeping, pods only need around four hours to extract the coffee's flavor.
As for the taste, expect floral notes, a thick body, and minimal bitter and acidic flavors. Many brands offer selections ranging from dark roast to fruitier, lighter options.
Coffee made with cold brew pods is just as versatile as standard cold brew. It plays well with both regular and plant-based milk, and also makes great coffee cocktails.