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Coffee Mate Announced A New Cocktail-Inspired Flavor For 2023
For the past 60 years, Coffee Mate has been creating coffee creamers that can elevate your plain coffee in a snap. Creamer can enhance the “mouth feel” of coffee and add richness to an otherwise watery, bitter drink, and in 2023, Coffee Mate plans to release an all-new flavor to give your cup of joe an alcohol-inspired kick.
Coffee Mate already offers 25 flavors, including collab flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the company is now partnering with coffee-flavored Kahlúa to create a Kahlúa and Creme creamer. According to Coffee Mate's Facebook page, the non-alcoholic Kahlúa creamer will debut in January 2023, and fans are already excited.
"I have been waiting for this for years!!!!!" one Facebook user commented, while another wrote, "Give someone a raise for making this!" The Kahlúa creamer will be Coffee Mate's first alcohol-inspired creamer since their amaretto flavor was discontinued in 2015, though customer petitioning brought the amaretto back to select stores.