Two grilled pork chops on a black plate
Coffee Makes An Unexpectedly Excellent Dry Rub For Pork Chops
Coffee grounds aren't just for making drinks. Ground coffee's deep flavors and aromatic richness make it an unexpectedly perfect dry rub for meat like pork chops.
One of the benefits of using coffee as a dry rub is that it can act as a tenderizer. Its natural acidity breaks down the meat's fibers, making your pork chops deliciously tender.
Coffee also creates a crisp crust, almost like breadcrumbs. When you sear or grill the dry-rubbed pork, the coffee grounds give the meat a flavorful crunch.
The crust also acts as a barrier, helping to seal in the pork's juices. To make this dry rub, use freshly ground coffee, preferably grinding it yourself for the most flavor.
Grind the beans to a fine but not powdery consistency. Coat your pork chops generously with the grounds and let the meat sit briefly before grilling or oven-roasting.
For a flavor that's more balanced and less coffee-forward, mix the grounds with classic dry rub ingredients like brown sugar, salt, garlic powder, and chili powder.