Coffee Crisp Is One Of Canada's Most Adored Chocolate Bars
For many Canadians, the Coffee Crisp chocolate candy bar is a cherished throwback to childhood. This tasty and simple bar is reminiscent of a Kit Kat with a hint of coffee.
Coffee Crisp consists of two vanilla wafers sandwiching an airy coffee-flavored cream, coated in milk chocolate. The coffee extract in the bar comes from real coffee.
Coffee Crisp does contain caffeine, but an extremely small amount of about ten milligrams. This makes it a kid-friendly treat that's a staple of snack time and trick-or-treating.
There are many spin-off products, including Coffee Crisp ice cream and bite-size versions, but the original bar in its yellow wrapper is the most iconic.
All forms of Coffee Crisps are made in a single Toronto factory, so Canada is the only place where the bar is widely distributed and can be found and purchased with ease.
Coffee Crisp can be bought in Canadian supermarkets, convenience stores, and more. Candy fans outside the country can order the bar online or search at specialty candy stores.