Negroni cocktail being held by a hand
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Coffee Beans Can ‘Season’ Your Negroni In A Unique Way
If you’ve ever had a cocktail garnished with coffee beans, it was probably a Sambuca or Irish coffee, but a Negroni can also benefit from these beans.
The Negroni is made from equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin, usually garnished with a twist of orange, but coffee beans are a more dimensional alternative.
Coffee beans provide a delicate, not-overpowering coffee flavor, which is well-suited to complement the caramel and spice flavors found in vermouth and whiskies.
You can even make a full-blown coffee Negroni that includes a shot of espresso with the usual trio of ingredients, a variant that has become more popular over the past decade.
Mixologist Stephen Kurpinksy notes in Perfect Daily Grind, “The complex, bitter sweet ingredients are naturally pleasing for anyone obsessed with quality specialty coffee.”