Baked beans with green garnish on white surface
Coconut Milk Is The Top Creamy Addition For Humble Pantry Beans
While spices, aromatics, and broths are popular ingredients to infuse flavor into beans, coconut milk is an underrated addition to add a nutty, creamy, subtle sweetness.
Coconut milk adds depth of flavor and a rich texture to complement the creamy beans. It can be used as a cooking liquid, thickener, or to mellow out overly spicy or salty beans.
One easy method is to pour coconut milk over a mixture of spices, aromatic vegetables, and roots like ginger to create a foundational sauce, then cook the beans in it.
Canned coconut milk is widely available, reasonably priced, and has a long shelf life. It's also a cholesterol-free source of fat and can help to thicken soups, stews, and more.